Frequently Asked


There’s a lot to know when it comes to digital marketing. We answer the most common questions below. 

Of course! Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. You will be able to use your account as you normally would.

Sad face, but nothing to worry about. Contact us via website by clicking here and we will ensure you receive the best service!

We require your password for API access – this is so we can control part of your interaction, so we can like photos on your behalf to create interest back to your profile. It is necessary to be able and post on your behalf and utilise other services.

VERY! Your password is only used to log in once and then stored securely on the server. Information handling is in line with GDPR reulation. If you want to learn more, please read our privacy policy here. 

Our aim is to respond as soon as possible. If you are still waiting, we are getting back to you at our earliest convenience!

Happens to the best of us. Visit Instagram website on your laptop or phone and click the ‘Switch Accounts’ button at login and then click ‘Forgot password?’ and follow the instructions provided to reset your password. Once you have done this please email us by clicking here so we can check you have been reconnected to our services.

Not to worry! Please login using the link below using your new Instagram details.

Yes, this is where our server is based. Make sure if you receive a pop-up message saying ‘was this you’, click ‘this was me’ or you will not be reconnected.

This may take several hours. If you have any concerns, contact us by clicking here

We ask for you to provide us upon signing up with 5-7 of users that target the same audience as you. That have similar content to yours. This is because we interact with their followers and people who engage with their accounts. THey followed those accounts because they are interested in the type of content which is being shared. This means they have a higher chance of following you back and interacting with your content.

Yes, we can change your target accounts, hashtags, comments or location if you would like to at any time. If you forward us new usernames with a high following, hashtags and/or locations by contacting us here, we can make those changes as soon as possible. Please also confirm your IG username when contacting.

We are constantly engaging with people – from early morning to late night! If you prefer to set a scheduled time for when we are engaging with people, this can be done.

We do apologise, however, please note, we are targeting followers of the usernames, hashtags, and locations you give us. These are determined by you as we like and comment randomly on posts. So that is why we can’t stress enough how important it is who / what you chose your Instagram usernames and hashtags to be.

If you would like, perhaps provide us with some new usernames, especially ones that will most likely only be followed by your target audience – same with hashtags. Try to send us some that only your type of preferred users would use. Then this will knock out anyone with inappropriate posts that we have engaged with.

Please contact us by clicking here and we will be more than happy to help make these amendments to your account.

Of course, you can! We use these comments randomly on posts so trying to keep them as generic as possible is best. Please send us a list of comments that sound more like you or that you prefer to use by contacting us here. We would recommend using emoji’s as those are excellent at communicating multiple meanings at once.

Most certainly! We can have two options here:

  • Set your profile so we do not interact with anyone you have manually followed until now (this is a standard option)
  • Blacklist someone. This means we can add Instagram usernames that we do not want to engage with on your behalf.

We decide who is interesting and relevant to your niche. Those users are followed which brings their attention back to your page. Similarly, we unfollow boring accounts that are not active or not relevant to your work. 

Our goal is to do as much as possible manually. All actions on your behalf are decided by our team. Some of those actions are automated to improve the speed and quantity of actions taken daily. 

There are multiple reasons why this might happen. Don’t forget that some weeks will do better than others. Your content quality can make all the difference too. If you would want to hear more specific answers, please contact us by clicking here

We are working hard and long to ensure your engagement is boosted as much as possible. You can leave it all for us. But to have the best results, make sure you are replying back to ALL Instagram users who interact with you. This includes private messages, anyone who follows you or comments on your posts and for extra engagement do this for anyone who likes your posts. This is what your competitor would be doing and we would highly recommend this!

Another great alternative is to post about 5 or more posts on your Instagram story daily, this function is underrated and can be a great ‘behind the scenes’ feel to your channel.

Instagram has hourly limits for liking and following. If you like too many photos / videos they will block you temporarily. This can last up to 24 hours. We can always turn down the power a little so it doesn’t happen again.

Yes! Your Instagram analytics dashboard offers some excellent insights. Total users engagement, total actions per post, weekly profile visits, actions taken and many more.

In other words you have full reporting there. If you need help understanding, we are here to help. Just shoot us a message here

No, they will not! The followers you have gained while using Beku Media are yours. Remember, the followers you have gained are following you because they actively chose to, they are showing interest in your profile and who or what you have to offer. 

Your engagement will most likely stay as long as you keep posting consistently and engaging with your audience. It may start to decline over the time if you will be less active.

100%, all of your followers are organic followers. People will only follow you if they are interested in your account. You will notice new followers, more comments and more post likes, these are people who are showing actual interest in your content.