Beku Media helps small-medium businesses, startups, and influencers take control of social media and leverage it to reach real, potential customers.



1. Clarify Your Message
We kick-off all new client projects with a “getting to know you” session. We look at where you are right now, why you’re there, where you need to be and how to get there. Together, we’ll develop a customer archetype (or a few), then craft a concise & compelling message for Tomaz on Instagram.

2. Attract Followers
The bread and butter of our service. Once we have identified your customer archetypes, we use a multitude of growth hacking methods to find users that fit those traits. We also spend time narrowing down a clear, concise message your brand can portray in almost every post. This ensures that all your followers are there for one reason, and one reason only – your brand. It also makes it easy for new users to understand your business with just a glimpse of your profile.

3. Convert Customers
Funnel new followers to a landing page. Give new followers a transitional call to action like a free PDF or trial. Say thanks for following with a discount code. If we did steps 1 & 2 well, this step should be a breeze.



Tomaz is active on Instagram, with a unique aesthetic/personality, but isn’t utilizing any growth methods. Tomaz wishes to increase post reach, user engagement and subsequently sales. In tandem, Tomaz will work with Beku Media to develop a well-defined, concise brand message to create a compelling online presence.

Plan of action going forward:

  1. Posting 3 times per week
    1. 1 Post with Inspirational Quotes
    2. 2 Posts related to Ayurveda 
  2. 50% Growth Oriented targeting, 50%  Local 
  3. Developing a strategy going forward to:
    1. Have a compelling landing page to collect emails (Utilising Bio link)
    2. Lead Magnet creation – Checklist / Tips / Steps to give away for free
    3. Email marketing campaign 
    4. Stories strategy when nearing to 10k followers

Choose a


Targeted Growth


If you choose only Instagram Growth (self-management), we really recommend being ready to post once a day, along with 2-3 stories!

Lowest Client Results: 524 Followers/month
Highest Client Results: 
2933 Followers/month

  1. Hashtag Analysis
    We research and produce a list of over 100 niche-related hashtags, with analyzed chances of making it into Top 9 based on current metrics.

  2. Targeted Follower Growth
    Based on our initial conversations, we will scrape users by location, interests, and other indicators who have a high & proven interest in your niche.

  3. Daily Interactions
    Your account will interact with an average of 800 users per day.

  4. Monthly Consultation
    You have an hour 1-on-1 with Bernard each month, to go over the monthly reports, progress, and goal statuses. Meetings are done by phone, video, or in-person.

Targeted Growth

If you’re choosing full management, all services in ‘Targeted Growth’ are included PLUS:
Lowest Client Results: 979 Followers/month
Highest Client Results: 3782 Followers/month
  1. Scheduling & Posting
    Send us your post and captions – we’ll hashtag them, schedule/post them, collect data, and begin forming optimized posting schedules.
  2. Viral Reposting
    The Management package also includes the option of viral reposting – we scrape Instagram for insanely high-performing posts in your niche and repost them to boost engagement and profile visibility.
  3. Direct Messaging
    We will send new followers a direct message with your compelling message funnelling them into your sales channel.
  4. Brand & Influencer Outreach
    Beku Media will outreach similar industry brands and influencers to cross-promote or find shoutout agreements with a positive ROI.

want more?

Add On

Content Creation

We will create content that matches your message and attracts engagement on Instagram. No more wondering about what to post. Don’t let lack of time stop your success on social media. Includes 15 posts/month.


Powerlikes are an effective way to increase the chances of your posts to go viral on Instagram. A powerful tool in every Instagram growth hackers arsenal, a network of powerlikes will help propel you to the coveted explore page. 

Within the first hour, your post will receive approx. 400 powerlikes from our account network.  Likes from these accounts carry a heavier weight and will show Instagram your content is high quality, and worth exposing to more users.  Every account in our network meets one of two criteria: They either have a large following (25k+) or an insane engagement rate (10%+).

Content Creation

We will have a professional photographer coming to your business and working together with you. We will produce 30 high-quality industry standard pictures per month to showcase daily on your page. All pictures will be colour corrected and optimised for social media. 

Online Presence Audit

Beku Media will review your entire online presence, from your website to your conversion funnels to any online marketing collateral or platform used by your brand. In the end, you will receive a detailed audit going over what changes to need to be made in order to connect with customers and grow your awareness, sales, and engagement. You will also receive an hour consultation to go over the report.